...being aware of its own potentiality, assured by long experienced technicians and by its own efficient structure, offering always high technology to its clients, Erreci designs and realizes plants which reflects in detail the expectation of the most hard to please client and is able to offer automatic laminating lines with several tecnical configuration for a non-stop production of puff-pastry, leaven products and Danish. It is therefore not a case if companies, leader in the field of confectionery products and baking products have entrusted Erreci experience, a company with avantgarde ideas, made up of a management office and an operational team which prides itself of being on this specific market field for many years now. The experiences of each single member are brought together, in symbiosis with the most sophysticated softwares available, offering to whom relies in Erreci, a superior quality product. In the spirit of absolute reliability, the range of models and the technical solutions offered by Erreci are pratically unlimited in as much that every product is carefully evaluated and solutions are found to match the Company’s requirements, ending up to guarantee a relationship which will in the future keep you our most satisfied client.